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Comments from Visitors to this Site

Hi,I wanted to let you know how much I like your spider traps.My family have co-existed with reclus spiders for the 30 years we have been married,we have lived in a 100 year old farm home that has been in the family 55 years.My Sister bought me a pkg of your traps about 2 months ago.I set all 4 out and made a count tonight.Besides a couple of other type spiders they are ALL reclus including about half of them being little babies.1 trap had 112! another trap had 80! The other 2 only had about 20 each.I guess this blows your 44 record away! I can submit pictures or send the traps if you are interested.I set out new ones tonight as the others are getting pretty full.I can also kill them myself without having to search to much,killed 14 one night on my way to bed.They seem to come out at dark and sure like sitting in the corners of our wooden steps going upstairs!Thanks so much for your great product!!!

-St. Louis, MO

These traps work! These traps have almost eliminated the spider problem that I had in one section of my home. Thanks.
-Kelso, WA

Economy Traps ------- Within 2 days of getting the traps and putting the smaller traps behind and by the china cabinet, I have caught 2 large hobos. Thank you so much.
-Iona, ID

Excellent job on the traps, and on the website.
Over one night, the traps caught 2 male hobo spiders. That may not seem like much to you, but it's a load off my mind. I hate those spiders! I've had them crawl on me in the night; a real nightmare! The website is very informative....
-Marietta in Oregon

The traps work!!!!
-Alex in Portland

Thanks to this site. I am now aware of these fast dangerous large spiders. We have been killing one every night this last week. I am now going to bring my landlord into this as we have a baby and he has three kids. Thanks again.
-Sean in British Colombia

Thank you for the informative web site.
-Tamera in Pocatello

My fiancee and I have been getting bites for over a year now. We have moved since the bites started and it didn't help. We have been to several doctors and no one can seem to identify what is causing these bites. My mom went online and did a search because she thought they might be small scorpions that are bitting us, then she found the link to your website and looked at the pictures of the bites and read the stories. Then she called me and told me about the site, I got online and we nt ot your site and the bites and the stories sound identical. John has been bitten more and the bites have been worse than mine. He has had to have a few of them cut out. They are very painful when they start to get bigger and swell up. He had one on his leg just last week and his calf swelled 2 to 3 times the normal size. I am very glad to finally know what is bitting us because we haven't seen anything before we get bit. I am also glad to know what we can do to control these spiders. Thank you so much for this website. I did notice that there weren't any known and reported cases from the east coast but now there will be. Once again thank you for this website and finally answering jour question of what is bitting us.
-Allyson and John in South Carolina

I found this spider on my bedroom wall in Idyllwild California and used your website to identify it and order traps...Thanks
-Von in California

In August 1998, my mother Suzanne Kennedy of Salt Lake City, UT, was bitten by a hobo. She was in her back yard picking peaches, when she was bit. (The tree was to heavy with fruit that the branches were on the ground.) At first she thought nothing of it, but as the day wore on, her finger began to swell, her vision became foggy, and her hearing became, as she described it, in a long tunnel.

She spent a week in the hospital and they had to filet her finger, leave it cut open to drain for 2 days and then stitched it back up. She still has cramping in her finger and from time to time it turns a bluish purple and is as cold as ice.

To this day she doesn't do ANY picking. The Dr.'s had no idea what had gotten her, so my aunt got on the internet and found your website. My aunt faxed the papers to my Mom and my Mom gave them to the Dr. He spent a time on your website and told my Mom that he was 99.9% sure that it was a hobo that got her, because there was nerve and tissue damage.

Just last week, my brother was bitten by a brown recluse. He is healing good, so far.
-Kandis in Utah

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