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Earn Money with a Link

Big H Products, Inc. wants to spread the word about hobo spiders and our traps.  We offer anyone 5 cents per unique click through. (see details below)   

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We reserve the right to refuse any person from participation from our program.  Maximum commission paid to any one family, address or business is $20 per month.  Payment will be made every time your totals equal $5 minimum.  Counts do not zero out every month.  Instead they will accumulate until you reach the $5 total. Inflating results by any means is grounds for immediate termination.  Click through totals will be counted by our software and email to you monthly.

Call 1-888-552-8433 for more information

Offers through Belnap & Company

Big H Products' sister company, Belnap & Company, also extends offers to resellers of Big H Traps.

For information on any of these special offers call us toll-free at


Earn money by linking to Hobo Spider dot Com