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Wholesale Distributors

Interested in selling Big H Hobo and Indoor Spider Traps?  Provided below is a list of distributors for Big H Traps. Call the wholesale distributor in your area to find out how to become a reseller or call us toll-free at 1-888-552-8433

Idaho, Utah

Gard'n Wise (Wholesale)

Oregon, Washington

Gard'n Wise (Wholesale)
(503) 655-1475

Other States & Canada

Big H Products, Inc.
Toll Free: 1-888-552-8433 Local:

Master Distributors

Big H Products, Inc.
Toll Free: 1-888-552-8433 Local:

Advertising Co-Op

Big H Products extends special offers to resellers of Hobo and Indoor Spider Traps.

Free Website Listing

Free Hobo Spider

Radio and Television

If you wish, your store location and phone number will, at no charge to you, be added to our ever-growing list of resellers.  You must, however, keep Big H Traps in stock and promote their sales. This display shows actual photographs of Hobo Spiders, their bites, and their webs.  It also provides information on the spiders.  To receive this display free of charge, you must keep the display in a location where it will be well seen and keep Big H Traps in stock and promote their sales. We will provide a standard 30 second radio and/or television commercial, advertising Big H Traps, that would include a closing tag customized to your business address free of charge.  To receive this service, you must keep Big H Traps in stock and promote their sales. 

Call 1-888-552-8433 for more information

Offers through Planet Advertise, Inc.

Big H Products' sister company also extends offers to resellers of Big H Traps.

Web Site Development

Music On Hold & Store Casting

This site will be built for all of your needs, not just for Hobo Spider Traps, and linked from this website.  To receive this discount, you must allow a banner ad for Big H Traps on your front page and promote their sales.

Receive 50% off

Music and messages will be played for your customers while they are on hold.  Store Casting is the background music and messages you hear when you are in a store.  To receive this offer, we require that one of the ads in the rotation be about Big H Traps and you promote sales of Big H Traps.

Receive 50% off


For information on any of these special offers call us toll-free at


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